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Blackoot is a new detective board game for adults. It's like Sherlock Holmes meets The Hangover.You're solving the mystery of "what the HELL happened" after you got Blackoot Drunk the night before.Free to play.Adults only. 18+.Digital Play & Print/Play.Play solo or with friends.


The main objective of each Blackoot Mystery is to recover your drunken memories.You do this using a few tools...You play Blackoot on your phone with your fellow detectives. You can scroll through the protagonists texts, social media, and more to get a sense of what's going on.There's also a map of Icy Basin to help you track movements & places you visited. Use the information you learn on the phone and mark out landmarks, events, people, places, and any known movements to help you spatially co-ordinate where you stumbled.The story is told by "visiting" People and Places in Icy Basin. By looking up their address and entering it into the "Contacts" (to visit People) or "Yellow Book" apps (to visit Places), you can visit them! If they were with you or you were at that Place when you were Blackoot, you'll unlock a Memory.You have a limited number of "visits" you can make before your the exhaustion of your hangover forces you to lose. This number changes for each Mystery.The Memories give you a recap of the Blackoot night as it was happening from the protagonist's point of view. Memories are often critical for unlocking the needed context to progress through Blackoot.When you unlock all 'mandatory' Memories, you win.

Blackoot is FREE TO PLAYThe Blackoot Expansion pack was funded on Kickstarter to create Mysteries 2 and 3.Mystery 2 is complete.Mystery 3 will begin development Fall 2023

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